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Upcoming Events

Shift Work Wellness & Safety

Tuesday, May 5th 2015, 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM (MDT)

Edmonton, AB

Wellness for the Shift Worker - For Health Care Professionals

Wednesday, June 10th 2015, 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM (MDT)

Edmonton, AB

Health and Wellness Assessments

Surveying your team to give you a starting point in creating a healthy, happy workplace.

Shift Work Wellness and Safety Workshops

These Shift Work Wellness and Safety Workshops are for workplaces that want to take the well-being, safety and productivity of their shift workers to another level. Shift workers, families and workplaces benefit when positive solutions to the challenges of shift work are found.

Both Shift Work Wellness and Safety Workshops are engaging, full of interactive activities and include a workbook and handouts. Participants will walk away with a new awareness of shift work and positive solutions to the shift work related challenges they may be facing.

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Fatigue Management Workshops

Fatigue in the workplace causes problems! The Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety has reported that fatigue is a form of impairment. Impairment in the

workplace is dangerous, and accidents are happening due to fatigue. Low job
satisfaction, low productivity and a lack of positivity are also linked to fatigue. This is

Give your team a boost of energy with a Fatigue Management Workshop and find real
solutions! There are four versions of this workshop. One workshop is for office workers,
another workshop is specifically for shift workers, the third version is for supervisors and
the last version is for any group. We have the perfect option for your team.

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Individual Shift Work Wellness and Safety Workshops - Consultation Services

Are you struggling with Shift Work and not feeling as well/rested and connected to your
family/friends as you would like to be? We can sit down with you one on one and help!
There are many solutions.

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Office Worker Wellness Workshops

Office workers need wellness in the workplace! This group of workers often goes
unnoticed, but they encounter many health challenges at work. With long hours of
sitting, strains caused by computer use and often high stress, they benefit greatly from
wellness workshops.

Infuse a heightened level of well-being, productivity and positivity into your team of
office workers today by booking a workshop!

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Workplace Wellness Workshops / Lunch and Learns 1-1.5 Hours Long

Boost the well-being, culture and productivity of your team one hour at a time! Our shorter
workshops are perfect for teams with the need for workplace improvement but lack the time
needed for our longer workshops.

All of our workshops are full of activities and focus on solutions. We don't believe in stuffy, boring
workshops! We believe in engaging and entertaining workshops that inspire and realistically
empower positive change.

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Workplace Wellness Seminars Specifically For Management

Corporate Teambuilding Workshops

Taking your team to a new level of positivity and effectiveness with the following options:

You can also add in a Wellness Workshop and/or Seminar if you would like and create a whole day of

strength building and wellness for your team.

Please contact us for more information, or to book an exciting teambuilding workshop for your workplace!!

Health and Wellness Challenges and Events

Energize and increase the morale of your team with a Wellness Challenge or an Event.

Corporate Wellness Retreats

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Workplace Wellness Newsletters

Custom made Wellness Newsletters for your workplace.

Health and Wellness Plans

This is the most comprehensive workplace wellness service that we provide. With this service you will be sure to experience a refreshing boost, and core strengthening within your organization that will lift your team to new levels! We will basically help you build a plan that will address your specific workplace wellness challenges. The steps we will take with your organization are:

Please contact us for more information on our services and for our rates.

Many of our prices are dependent on number of attendees.