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Shift Work Wellness & Safety Workshops



These Shift Work Wellness and Safety Workshops are for workplaces that want to take the well-being, safety and productivity of their shift workers to another level. Shift workers, families and workplaces benefit when positive solutions to the challenges of shift work are found.

Both Shift Work Wellness and Safety Workshops are engaging, full of interactive activities and include a workbook and handouts. Participants will walk away with a new awareness of shift work and positive solutions to the shift work related challenges they may be facing.

These workshops help turn what people learn into action! Instead of providing a short burst of motivation that is quickly forgotten, like most workshops, participants will move forward and use the information that pertains to them. Each person will walk away with their own personal action plan to start with on their journey to a higher level of well-being.

The focus is on results, motivation and real change. These shift work wellness and safety workshops change lives and help employers in their efforts to build stronger workplaces.

Infuse a heightened level of well-being, productivity and positivity into your team of shift workers today by booking a workshop!

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Benefits Can Include

The Workshops

Shift Work Wellness and Safety Half Day (3.5 hours)

This workshop includes:

Shift Work Wellness and Safety Full Day (7.5 Hours)

This workshop includes:

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Ask about our custom made seminars if these options do not work for you perfectly.

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