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Office Worker Wellness Workshops

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Description of Workshops:

Office workers need wellness in the workplace! This group of workers often goes unnoticed, but they encounter many health challenges at work. With long hours of sitting, strains caused by computer use and often high stress, they benefit greatly from wellness workshops.

These Office Worker Wellness Workshops are for workplaces that want healthier, happier, more productive and safer office workers. Workplaces, employees and families benefit when solutions are found. These workshops are very ‘real’ and contain extremely usable information. The focus is on solutions and making positive change.

Both Office Worker Wellness Workshops are interactive, interesting and fun and include a workbook and handouts. Participants will walk away with a new awareness of wellness in an office environment and Positive Solutions. They will also build their own personal plan to move them forward with the changes they would like to make. These workshops change lives and help employers in their efforts to build stronger organizations. Be ready for an energized and empowered workplace!!

Infuse a heightened level of well-being, productivity and positivity into your team of office workers today by booking a workshop!

Benefits Can Include:

The Workshops

Office Worker Wellness Workshop Half Day (3.5 hours)

Office Worker Wellness Workshop Full Day (7.5 Hours)

This Workshop Includes:

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