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April Smith - Owner / General Manager


April founded Vitalize Initiatives Inc. in January of 2007. Vitalize Initiatives was formed around April's passion and experience associated with workplace wellness, workplace safety, and event planning. Bringing strength, growth, and success to her clients is very rewarding for her.

Previous to founding Vitalize Initiatives, April gained her experience primarily through work with municipal government, the oil and gas sector and non-profit organizations.

When it comes to corporate wellness and safety, April gained much of her initial experience in Northern Alberta, Canada, working in the Oil Sands with shift workers, office workers and everyone in between. She is now helping organizations with the health, wellness and safety of their workers all over Canada. April has a way of engaging people and motivating others to make their well-being and safety a priority. She has a knack for giving organizations a healthy boost and getting them moving in a healthier direction. When someone cares about something as much as April cares about wellness and safety, it becomes contagious.

Event planning just comes naturally to April and always has. April has planned events for groups of 20 to 18,000 people. There isn't an event that scares her. Corporate wellness/safety events, corporate events, community events, festivals, concerts, sports-related events and Canada Days are her specialties. When planning and managing an event, April's focus is on creating and maintaining effective systems, streamlining logistics and running an event that is fantastic, memorable and stress-free for participants.

Some of the adventures April has crossed off her list of things to do include skydiving in New Zealand, getting outrageously lost in Italy, snorkelling on the Great Barrier Reef, swimming with sharks in Thailand, and biking 60 km in Greece just to see a spectacular sunset. Every chance April gets, she spends her spare time outside and participating in some sort of sport. She can be found running, walking or biking in Edmonton's beautiful River Valley almost every day in the summer and hitting the gym in the winter. Wellness is a way of life for April.

April has a degree from the University of Alberta in Recreation and Leisure Studies (with distinction) and is a certified personal trainer.

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Andrea Jones - Teambuilding and Workplace Events Specialist

Andrea Jones

Andrea is co- owner of a company called Building Blocks Team Building. She has been building teams and planning events throughout her entire career for various organizations. One position that taught her a lot about both teamwork and events was her time working as Child, Youth and Preschool Supervisor for the YMCA.

Andrea is a lover of the outdoors and is very active. She is all about living life to its fullest and is always doing something. You couldn't find a person with a bigger heart than Andrea. She answers the phone with an upbeat tone and always seems to be smiling or laughing.

Andrea Jones has a Degree in Recreation and Leisure Studies from the University of Alberta, but we all agree that she should have a PhD in being nice to people!

Ryan Charmley - Web Development, Graphic Design and Branding


Ryan is the co-founder and Head Developer of 4UiWork, a company based in Vancouver, B.C. 4UiWork specializes in website design, graphic design and company branding. Ryan is very strong in providing all the services his company offers due to his years of experience with various projects in Vancouver.

Ryan is the type of person that always seems to have an answer. He has a knack for mobilizing and figuring out even the most complicated projects that we come up with. He also pulls all of this off while maintaining a relaxed attitude that helps alleviate stress for everyone around him.

The website for Vitalize Initiatives was built by Ryan and he continues to assist us with our information technology and marketing needs.

When Ryan is away from his computer screen he likes to take a break and relax on the beach, which all of us are jealous of since there are not really any beaches in Edmonton. He has also travelled to many corners of the globe and has some fantastic stories. Ryan is not one to pass up a thought provoking movie or a poker game among friends. He enjoys a very wide range of music and is always attempting to better himself through working out.

Cadence Konopaki - Events and Shift Work Specialist


Cadence is one of those people that always approaches projects with a passion that ensures amazing results. Her background experience includes coordinating the ArtStart Program for children in Edmonton, health initiatives for The Lung Association and a program called Shifting to Wellness (designed to help shift workers with wellness related challenges).

On her own time Cadence enjoys coordinating technical theatre and has been involved in stage management for over ten years. Another interest that Cadence engages in on her free time is acting as Associate Producer for a local Edmonton film company called HighWire Films.

Having said all that, it probably isn't even necessary to mention that Cadence is very strong in event planning, project management, volunteer coordination, marketing, health promotion, fundraising and program development! She is also a superb instructor of Shifting to Wellness, which teaches shift workers how to live healthy lives.

Cadence has travelled to more than a dozen countries and lived in four. When given the chance Cadence will try something new and interesting like a tap dancing class. She used to be nearly fluent in British Sign Language (BSL) when at university in England so don't try to talk about her in sign language behind her back she will know what you are saying. Seriously!

Her secondary education includes a BA with Honours in Social Policy/Deaf Studies (University of Wolverhampton), Facility Management in Arts & Cultural Management from MacEwan College and a Shifting to Wellness Master Trainer Certification.