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Wellness Workshops 1 – 1.25 Hours Long


Boost the well-being, culture and productivity of your team one hour at a time! Our shorter workshops are perfect for teams with the need for workplace improvement but lack the time needed for our longer workshops.

All of our workshops are full of activities and focus on solutions. We don't believe in stuffy, boring workshops! We believe in engaging and entertaining workshops that inspire and realistically empower positive change.

Workshops Perfect for Any Type of Work Team

These workshops are for all work teams. They are engaging and very informative. If you want a workshop specifically for office workers or shift workers, please check out the workshops specifically for those groups listed further down on the page.

Work/Life Balance - Find Balance and Wellness in Work and in Life

This is a workshop designed to help your team achieve balance both in their professional lives and personal lives. Want to prevent employee burnout? This is the

workshop for you.

Take Your Life Back - Stress Management

Stress is a very powerful thing, and this workshop is a powerful way to help employees
prevent and deal with it in a positive way.

Fatigue Management

This workshop will address fatigue with your team and help prevent the many safety,
wellness and productivity issues that fatigue can cause. Be proactive. This workshop
can give your employees crucial tools to assist them in dealing with and preventing fatigue.

Building Positive Relationships with Clients

Clients can be tough to deal with, but it is essential to deal with them well. This workshop
will provide your employees with ideas to use in providing excellent customer service so that
they will thrive when dealing with clients. A fresh approach might be just what is needed.

Dealing Well with People, Even the Difficult Ones

Wow! Some people are difficult. They can decrease productivity and increase stress in the
workplace for their co-workers. This workshop provides practical solutions to dealing with
tough personalities.

Making Positive Change

Do you think your employees need to make some healthy changes that include a healthier
lifestyle? This workshop is focused on motivation and helping people prepare to make
positive change. This is an ideal workshop to kick off a wellness initiative or a string of
wellness workshops.

Staying Energized at Work

This workshop will help your employees come to work more bright-eyed and bushy-tailed and
stay that way during their work day. It can boost their productivity, well-being and positivity
at work.

Active Living - Getting Started and Staying Motivated

What is the hardest thing about being active? Actually doing it and sticking with it! Help
your team become more active with this workshop. A healthy person is a better employee
and a happier individual.

Sleeping Better for Optimal Health

What is one of the number one issues affecting people at work? Lack of quality and quantity
of sleep. This workshop can help your employees get the rest that they need!

Building Teamwork, Positive Relationships and Fun in the Workplace

Get ready to have some fun! This workshop will build strength and positivity into your workplace.

Dealing Positively with Conflict at Work

Conflict in the workplace has a way of taking over and causing many problems, both in the
workplace and at home for employees. This workshop will help position conflict in a more
positive way and give people tools they can use to deal with it.

Building Healthy Work Relationships

Why not build healthy relationships in the workplace before conflict occurs? More gets done
in workplaces when relationships are strong between individuals who have tasks that they
need to work together on. When people know and respect each other they tend to put in a
greater effort to help each other out and accomplish more together. That is what this
workshop strives to do.

Positive Attitude for Positive Results

Positivity is a very important thing in the workplace. Negativity can have extremely
detrimental effects. Give your team a positivity boost with this fun workshop!

Office Worker-Specific Workshops

Do you have a workplace full of office workers? You are in luck. The following workshops are
geared specifically to office workers! All the information, activities and examples are for
office workers. Infuse some well-being into your office team today.

Life at a Desk

Sitting a lot, sedentary behavior and a lack of sunlight can create health issues that are
preventable. The awareness and solutions brought forward in this workshop can help your
office workers stay well.

The Afternoon Slump

This workshop will help your team of office workers stay energized during that low-energy
time in the afternoon when productivity dips.

Dealing with Stress in a Positive Way

Stress hugely affects your work team. We have realistic solutions for your office workers in
this interesting and interactive workshop.

Work/Life Balance for the Office Worker

Help prevent burnout in your workplace with this workshop that focuses on prioritizing and
self-care for office workers. A balanced employee will be a stronger member of your team.

Nutrition for the Office Worker

Infuse energy and good health into your team with this workshop on nutrition. This can
bring people together in their goals to eat in a healthy way during the work day!

Active Living for the Office Worker

Active employees are healthy and happy employees! This workshop will get your office
workers started and/or motivated to be more active.

Teambuilding for the Office Team

Build and celebrate your team in this engaging and introspective workshop for office
workers. You spend a lot of time together, so why not build the positivity between you?

Shift Work Related Topics

Shift workers have specific challenges with specific solutions. The following workshops offer
wellness solutions to your shift workers in ways that will realistically work with their unique
schedule, sleep needs and fatigue levels.

The Basics of Shift Work Wellness and Safety - Building Understanding and Positivity

Shift work is an essential part of our society today. This workshop helps position shift work
in a positive way.

Making Positive Change - Improving the Lives of Shift Workers

How do you become a healthier shift worker? You make positive change! This is an extremely
motivating workshop that will get your shift workers moving in the right direction.

Sleep and Fatigue for Shift Workers

Fatigue is a huge safety and wellness issue for shift workers. Many shift workers struggle
with sleep, especially day sleeps and very early morning shift start times. What should you
do? Provide awareness, sleep tips, fatigue prevention solutions and solutions for people that
are already dealing with sleep issues and fatigue with this workshop! This is the most
popular shift work-related workshop amongst employers and employees.

Nutrition for Shift Workers

There are very specific recommendations on how a shift worker should eat for optimal
health and energy. This workshop outlines that information in an interactive way. Shift
workers usually have the most questions in this workshop and appreciate the information a
great deal.

Active Living for a Shift Worker's Life

Shift workers can struggle to get enough exercise due to their schedule and fatigue. Even though it can be
challenging, it is not impossible to fit active living into the life of a shift worker. Help increase the well-being of your workforce with this inspiring workshop.

Stress and Shift Work

Shift workers tend to experience higher levels of stress than other people. Giving shift
workers tips on how to deal with and prevent stress in a positive way is essential to achieving
a healthier team of shift workers. That is what we will do in this engaging workshop.

Work/Life Balance for the Shift Worker

Balancing work and life can be more challenging for shift workers. It is so vital, though.
Without balance, you will have burnt-out, unhappy and unhealthy employees. This workshop
offers positive solutions.

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